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Player Information
Name: Zero
Age: 18+
Contact: [plurk.com profile] arrpee, zero#8942 on discord
Current characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Nicholas Rush
Series: Stargate Universe
White male, approximately 5’5”, brown eyes and sharp, angular features. He’s built very small and relatively scrawny with long, almost shoulder-length gray-brown hair and the rough beginnings of a beard, both products of not having much time for personal grooming or access to appropriate materials. All appearances to the contrary, he’s deceptively wiry. He used to wear square-framed glasses but they were eventually lost, though he gets by reasonably well without them.

He has two surgical scars above his heart from the implantation and then removal of an alien transmitter and a small, deep puncture wound on the back of his neck from surgical removal of alien parasite, as well as a faint scar on his upper lip of unknown origin.

Since the crew of Destiny was lobbed halfway across the known universe without warning, Rush (like the rest of them) has had for years only the clothes on his back: a thoroughly dilapidated dark green t-shirt over an equally worn white long-sleeve shirt with jeans and a vest. His dress sense prior to the expedition seemed more along the lines of "semi-formal university professor."

Age: ~49 years old
Canon Point: Just after 2x20, "Gauntlet"
Canon History: His wiki page is fairly comprehensive.
Rush is roughly 40% math, 35% sarcasm, 17% disordered thought, 5% paranoia, and 3% buried morals. The human body has seven trillion nerves and people manage to get on every single fucking one of his. He’s brilliant and intensely hyperfocused in theory, overly Machiavellian in execution. A neurotic, mercurial little ball of tightly wound cynicism and prickly misanthropy, Rush is aloof and angry and practically lives in a separate world, primarily that of his own head. His work and the results it may yield are his first priorities in every respect. Yet while Rush may well be selfish and unreliable and untrustworthy and largely self-preserving, he will rarely place his own life (or the lives of others) above the possibility for scientific discovery. He’s aware of the seeming immorality in many of his actions and how much people consequently distrust and dislike him; he simply doesn’t care. He feels he has that right to make decisions and use others' lives for the sake of advancing his own knowledge. He weighs people by their applicable value to him or to his own goals, though he's begun to understand (to his horror and frustration) that he can no longer maintain total objectivity when he grows closer with certain individuals.

So Rush avoids forming attachments, even if he mostly fails, however much he'll staunchly refuse to admit it, so that he can make hard, morally challenging, or pragmatic decisions. His detachment from the physical world is what gives him some of his more unhealthy characteristics, including his talents for self-destructive, self-isolating neglect. He forgoes sleep and food simply because they annoy him and take time away from his work, and had to endure some pretty hideous withdrawal symptoms due to being a heavy smoker and caffeine drinker prior to arriving on Destiny. Besides its obvious conveniences, the real world interests him very little. He lives and thrives in the conceptual. Even if he primarily functions in a logical, structured sense, if he gets emotionally involved enough he will act impulsively, without caution, and with frightening competency. He is not above cold-blooded murder or torture. He is also not above lying, manipulating, or sacrificing what or whoever is necessary to further his goals. Tenuous grasp of social skills notwithstanding, Rush is a skilled liar - he can even fool a future version of himself.

Paradoxically, Rush is both absurdly contemptuous and egotistical while very much steeped in his own self-loathing. He projects the attitude of aggressively not caring about anyone, unashamedly asserting himself as the smartest person in the room (whether or not it’s actually true). Beneath that veneer, he’s entrenched in guilt, a profound lack of self-worth, an intense fear of failure, a deep-seated distrust aimed at himself, and numerous self-damaging behaviors. When push comes to shove, he's demonstrated non-pragmatic, selfless behavior despite being pricklier than a goddamn cactus.

Any relationships he may have with others, regardless of their definition, might often feel like uphill battles. He is so unrelenting, so fiercely intent on his own work, and seems to only express affection in the gruffest, most transient ways. Rush is not a loyal creature by nature and tries his very very hardest to love nothing while loving much more deeply than he cares to admit.

His mental stability is questionable. He displays repetitive physical tics, violent touch aversion, and as of his first year aboard Destiny, some shades of PTSD, including triggered flashbacks to some of his more painful ordeals, recurring nightmares, an inability to sleep out of fear, and new phobias that were not present before (namely claustrophobia and hydrophobia). Unless he’s using them to actively manipulate others or further his own goals, Rush has a mildly underdeveloped understanding of typical social conventions. He can at least boast some awareness of his seeming lack of psychological stability; when faced with the possibility that he may be hallucinating, he takes his seeming psychotic break well in stride, simply requesting that said apparent hallucinations at least try to be helpful while they're there.

Most importantly, one should never under any circumstances trust him.

Rush is an incredibly focused, brilliant mathematical mind and a talented cryptographer. He’s also a champion of self-neglect, often citing his work as more important than actively taking care of himself. He has a massive capacity for information retention, having several times interfaced with an ancient ship and has been able to break away with new information every time. And that's probably good thing, too - for all his intellect, Rush is very poor at physical self-defense.

So aside from being really smart, absolutely nothing else of note.

  • one (1) radio, now useless
  • one (1) small notebook
  • one (1) pen


Thread Sample: Here's Rush on the Entranceway fourth wall event.
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[tw: discussion of self-harm, PTSD, flashbacks, panic attacks, anxiety, depersonalization/hallucinations, and psychological trauma]

Don't worry, I haven't lost my mind. Not yet, anyway )


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